156cm / 5 Feet 1 Inch Sex Dolls (SuperTits)

156cm High-quality Real Sex Doll for men, Big Boobs, Breasts, Ass, Pussy Realistic Vagina, Love Doll adult Products


She is our Super big tits sex doll. She is the perfect doll for those with a large breast fetish! The big boobs of any sex doll before her! This is the body of the man who thinks the bigger the breasts the better!  HUGE off the chart K-cup breasts with large nipples hang down with their massive weight.  At 5'1 she is the tallest of our sex dolls and shapely with a small 20-inch waist and curvy 30-inch hips but the main attractions are her drool-worthy pendulous hanging mammoth mammaries! The 165 K-cup body style also has a larger splayed open labia.

Your sex doll is fully customizable by choosing the skin color, face, manicure color, toenail polish color, hairstyle, eye color, foot style and pubic hair options.  

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