Types of Famous Silicone Dolls in the Market

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Types of Famous Silicone Dolls in the Market

Sex dolls, as they are also called, have become popular because of their ability to provide sexual stimulation by allowing you to make a penetration the way you would experience when you have sex with a real life partner. You can use the doll hands-free, unlike the masturbators that you need to hold with your hands. This is one reason why more and more people are getting interested in discovering the pleasure they can get out of the sex doll experience.

Sex dolls can be manufactured using a variety of materials ranging from PVC, TPE, rubber, fabric, silicone and others. The silicone material is the most commonly used and dolls made from it are the most popular to buyers. It’s not surprising because dolls made from silicone have skin that is life like in texture. The material is also safe to use because it is non-reactive; it is long-lasting and easy to clean and maintain. There are several types of TPE dolls in the market today.

Realistic TPE Sex Dolls

These are extra special dolls with bodies that are molded, sculpted or sewn to offer you a strongly built doll form that feels more like a real woman. You can order these silicone dolls as a whole or if you like, in segments, which means that you can order as much or as little as you wish. These dolls tend to be more appealing than standard dolls. They have molded hands and legs, more realistic features and their own hair; all of these add to a great experience when used.

Standard Silicone Sex Dolls


These dolls can be purchased with preselected wigs, clothes (some come unclothed), minimum makeup and skin/eye color. Standard silicone sex dolls are usually cheaper than the realistic dolls because they cannot be customized. They come as a complete package. Their heads are attached securely to the body, so they cannot be changed.

Customized Silicone Sex Dolls

This specific type of sex doll offers the ability to be easily modified. You are given many options with regards to the doll’s appearance, size, facial and body feature, working orifices and the flexibility to change faces, which means that you can detach the face from the skull or you can detach the head from the body. You can also choose the skin/hair/eye colors, makeup and clothes.

All high-quality sex dolls are made of silicone and obviously, there is a huge price tag among these types of lifelike silicone dolls. However, the extra amount that you pay can enhance the realistic experience. So the high prices of these dolls are outweighed by the near accurate and true to life sexual stimulation that is offered to all dedicated buyers.

If you are interested in dolls of other genders, that’s also available, male and shemale silicone sex dolls. The shemale doll has a woman’s body but contains the genitalia of a male and female gender. The shemale doll’s orifice is detachable, so you can use the same slot if you want a male shaft attached to it.

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