165cm / 5 Feet 5 Inch Sex Dolls

Find the Best Selection of 165cm sex doll here. 165CM Real Dolls For Men The Sexual Doll (Oral, Anal, vagina, breast) adult sex love doll for men.

  • Softest and Lifelike Skin, 100% medical grade solid TPE, 3 optional eyes color: brownish-black, blue, green. 4 Optional Skin Colours: White Color Skin, Flesh Color Skin(Natural Color Skin), Tan Color Skin, Black Color Skin. 2 kinds: can stand, can't stand
  • A movable body, Joints can be positioned, Perfect presentation of many kinds of posture, to say goodbye to the single, boring sex position
  • 4 Ways to have fun: Vagina, Chest, Oral & Anus, Accessories include: Random sexy clothing, Cleaning Device, Wigs, Nails, Blanket, Gloves, etc.
  • The doll has a real-life simulation vagina for making your pleasure realistically possible.
  • Top-quality, full size (165cm/5.4ft) doll.Want to see more dolls, please visit our HotSexDolls store: 


    realistic - the real human face, soft, TPE, silicone

    Waterproof - YES

    Toxic - antifoul, dustproof, easily cleanable

    Durable - if you can use it over and over again for a long time, it is not easy to be damaged

    Safety - non-toxic, no strange smell. this is not harmful to human health.


    Cleaning and storage:

    1 If you use it, it will be better to clean the baby over time. otherwise, it is easy to clean the bacterium because it has high oil secretion and residual liquid in time.

    While cleaning 2, water should not be switched, power supply, etc. Please do not use a brush or acid detergent when cleaning by gently rubbing with your fingers.

    After 3 cleanings, wipe it off with a dry cotton cloth or high-quality paper towel. Beware: avoiding exposure to the sun!

    After using 4, this is necessary to remove the battery. please do not let the toy inside it, or the battery may be corroded!

    5 can be collected into the flannel bag for avoiding baby dust. The store is dry and in a cool place.

    TPE material silicone dolls or silicone dolls of premium quality look real. They are available in various models: Big breast models, Japanese, Asian, American, etc. Life is full of ups and downs, but entertainment needs to be a part of everybody’s life. All work and no play make Jack a dull boy and this saying is true. The thing, which aids in this regard, without sending you on the wrong path is silicone sex dolls. So now the next challenge is to purchase one.  If you want to, we can make a customized doll for you too.

    Ours’ is a luxury store, which sells only genuine and real dolls. You can find the best dolls with the most exquisite faces with us. We have the best dolls conceived by our talented staff, who leave no stone unturned. The quality of our products is unmatchable and top class. People just love our stuff and they are thronging to our online store. The dolls in our store are so appealing that you should be surely impressed by them.

    Exclusive Online Store selling dolls

    We are an exclusive online store, which sells dolls. Most of our delivery is done in 3 to 7 days. Complete discretion of information is maintained with us. None of your personal details are revealed to any third parties nor anywhere on the box, it will be mentioned what is the content of the box.

    Why buying TPE or real-life dolls is a good idea?

    Human-beings like company and infidelity and cheating on your partner is wrong, which every human is aware of. So to avoid all such situations, we have the best range of dolls for you. Don’t ever get disappointed, as we are the one-stop place for your sex doll needs.

    From life-size ones to ones, which are small and fit your budget. You needn’t get bored and deprive yourself of sexual pleasure, as there’s no need to do that when there’s an option available to you. At any hour of the day or night you want to have sex, our doll is your savior. So come purchase one today from us.

    We have a wide range of us, like the blonde, MILF, flat-chested, black, etc. Our sex dolls are made of the best quality silicone and we never cheat on our quality you can compare the prices of our products on Amazon, eBay, Google Shopping and Walmart. A doll is a great investment with respect to your well-being too and it doesn’t hinder your sexual satisfaction too. Loneliness can hit you at any time of the day or night, so having a doll at home doesn’t hurt. The simple reason being it can provide companionship at any hour of the day or night. As of now, the sex doll industry is small, but it’s growing by leaps and bounds as of recently.

    Are real TPE dolls and premium quality silicone dolls safe for you?

    Of course, they are, if you buy from a reliable source. As reputed companies alone manufacture their dolls from good quality silicone, otherwise they don’t. We ensure that our dolls are made from only human-safe materials and not from any material at all, as we care for you and your welfare. Warranties are also issued with our dolls and this is the hallmark of a truthful company and this we aren’t saying as we do it, but that’s the norm of the industry. The next step is to check out for customer reviews.

    The next tip is not to go with the cheapest usually, as it’s the question of your well-being. Remember always that health comes first and you must have already heard the saying ‘Health is Wealth’ so without health, even money is of no use. The second thing is when there are opportunities to enjoy without hurting anybody, why not go for it?

    The sex doll industry is small but growing each day, so the choices available out there is also overwhelming. But here’s a guide, which can help you choose your silicone girl

    A guide on how to choose your doll for adults:

    Standard Dolls

    High-end ones

    Mid-range ones

    Entry-level ones

    Fetish Sex Dolls

    Big breast ones

    MIFL ones

    Flat chest ones

    Black sex ones

    High-end dolls

    If you have the money, you should surely go in for these silicone women. These are the best which money can buy for you. These dolls are hand-made and it’s ensured that the finest details are not being ignored. It’s meticulously hand-woven with the utmost care and people just love it. This ensures that it’s actually life-like and in the process offers you a more realistic experience and a real doll.  The breasts and vagina are very artistically contoured and 100% satisfaction is guaranteed.

     Mid-range Dolls

    These look almost like the high-end ones but the main difference is in the quality. The material used varies and hence the durability. Otherwise, the private parts are equally meticulously made, as the high-end ones. The basics are right, but the only thing is on close supervision you may find some imperfections.

    Of course, the main difference is in the quality material, in this case, it’ll be a little middle-grade thermoplastic elastomer or silicone. If it’s made of silicone, then there is a lot of possibility of it not being platinum cured and over time it might leak its oil and become dry.

    Entry-level sex dolls

    These dolls are mini-sized and they are not so life-like mainly because of their size. But if it’s your first time and you have less money in hand, then this is the best choice. The other benefit, of course, is they are much more light-weight and this ensures feasibility in handling.

    Buy your silicone dolls online

    Buying your silicone dolls online is a good idea, as ensuring discretion becomes very easy in this case and nothing to worry, as the name of the content is not mentioned on the box and your personal details are not passed on to any third parties. So shop online and have a pleasant experience with us.


    The Future of Sex Dolls


    The sex doll industry has progressed over the years and it cannot be denied that it has a role in the enhancement of a man’s or a woman’s sexual experience. In the past, dolls were made of simple inflatable rubber materials of the lowest grade and its use was also prohibited by social custom.  Individuals who are known to be a doll lover were treated unfairly and labeled as the disgrace to society. The topic was discussed only in hushed tones, never in public.

    However, those were the days gone by, thanks to the continuous researches and developments of the dolls. We now have life-like dolls made from silicone and TPE that are created according to the customers’ specifications. Of course, they are all awe-inspiring in quality, as to take the owner’s breath away. In addition, the topic is no longer a taboo because society is starting to learn and appreciate the benefits of these dolls to those, who need to use them.

    It is not clearly or fully known to the public that a morning show host, the famous Howard Stern was among the first to promote the doll industry.  What he did was order a doll and while he was on air had sex with it.  This move became worthy of attention, as it was done at a time when the use of dolls was not yet acceptable to many. Therefore, that action played an important role in the advancement of the sex doll industry.

    The general public has slowly and gradually acknowledged the benefits that HotSexyDolls.com provide to their users, some of them include the following.

    * They are great to be with during times of heartbreaks and disappointments; they will be by your side and will never leave you.

    * Using sex doll is an ideal way of restoring and reviving intimacy in the bedroom sans a 3rd party.

    * They can help those who have gone through painful events, to get back to their normal sex life.

    * HotSexyDolls.com are submissive partners in a very remarkable way.  They are always there; ready to make love, regardless of the time or situation.  With a real woman, sex may depend on their mood and complaining has become their way of doing things.

    * HotSexyDolls.com of today are now being fitted with movable joints and artificial intelligence to enhance the sexual experience for you.

    As we all can observe, the doll industry receives a continuous improvement to make them more human.  We can’t say up to what point humanoid technology can take them and we can’t exactly predict what the future will hold for them. There will always be positive and negative comments about possessing it, but no one can stop doll designers and manufacturers from creating human-like sex robots, as long as there are people, who want to benefit from their use.

    Contact us and let us know what you think.  We can help you find the sex doll that you have in mind.


    Why Should You Invest in a Sex Doll?

    HotSexyDolls.com has been around for a long time.  If you’re one who visits different sites and read about these sex aids with interest, it’s very likely that you know almost everything about them, including their prices. The good quality ones command a high price, yes, but don’t forget that you are spending on quality. With a hot sexy doll, you’ll be paying from $2,000 - $5,000 and more; and at this amount, you will not be getting just an old-style doll, inflatable and made of low-grade rubber.  What you’re getting is a super realistic sort of woman-like doll that you can have fun with, while using it.

    But of course, if you really need a doll in your life, but do not have that kind of money, there are some types of dolls that you can get for a smaller amount. The nearly human-like realistic dolls are ideal for the best experience, but you can choose other forms in the market too.  You can get something plain, with just a hole and you can also get something with a flashlight that simulates the vagina and aid in masturbation. Alternatively, you may choose to have the most that you can get for your money and enjoy the entire sexual experience.  With HotSexyDolls.com, you can have the partner that you choose to have.

    HotSexyDolls.com is an investment and you get positive results for spending your money on it.  They can help you understand yourself, by allowing you to experiment on your sexuality. They nearly resemble a human in many ways, but you are in control during an interaction.  You can do whatever you think will make you happy with her.

    With the advancement of technology, HotSexyDolls.com is becoming similar to humans.  Sometimes you could find it hard to tell the difference, except in ways that are very obvious.  Some other features are added to them, so that you could indulge yourself in, including heat or warmth and a voice. When you make a purchase, you can have these features fixed in them and surely it will enhance your sexual experience.  Why, because once you touch your doll, it will react in its own unique way and you will be able to feel the connection, which makes your intimacy much stronger.

    With the dolls as well, you can indulge also in your fantasies.  If you have ideas that are frowned upon by your real-life partner, or the women in general, that will not be the case with a doll. Always remember that with dolls, you are always in control, so you just go ahead and purchase one.

    Don’t be ashamed or scared to buy a doll for your use.  Our site takes that thing into consideration. You can get in touch with us and make a purchase in a discreet manner and we will deliver it to your address inconspicuously of which no one will ever know what’s inside the delivery box.

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