Why One, When You Can Have Double or Triple the Fun with Hot Sexy Dolls?

Listen up boys- nerdy boys especially. You have a long way to go when learning how to please us women, on bed. Not that you do not, but there could be a lot of improvement when you know where to bite, nibble, pike, hump and thrust. And this is why, for practice and sex sake, we want you to pick up a hot sexy doll.



Ever heard of the old adage that says, PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT. We love the length and girth of the manhood you have, and we worship it. However, we want you to know how to use your manhood, your tongue and hands better. So here is what you can do with a hot sexy doll to begin your privy lessons on hot sex! 

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Sanitize the doll

Get a sanitizer before you start making out with the doll. This ensures that the pathogens are killed and that the doll is safe from anything for your use.


Now undress her

Before you undress her, put on some sexy lingerie for her to look super real and sexy. Start by unstrapping her bras, and then go on to removing the piece. Bite her nipples and caress them with your fingers- very important for her to feel the manly you, and for your erection to stay in place. Go down to her panties and kiss them gently. Let her know you are ready for her and she should be ready for you. Gently bite the panties off and lick her orifice. This gets her wet. 

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Your hands

Massage her body, her breasts and nipples well to make her all randy and hot. She will reciprocate the same. Take her in your arms and caress her back, while she sits on your lap, facing you. While that is happening, allow her breasts to snuggle up to your chest, and eat her lips passionately as though this was the last moment between the two of you. Gently stroke her buttocks and slide your fingers into her anus or vagina, while you still kiss her. Lube her orifices to make her ready for your manhood. 

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Missionary now

Place her lying down on your bed, with her legs in the air. Kiss her feet and gently massage her thighs while doing so, bringing your tongue all the way down to her orifice. Lick her wet again and position her for the entree. You could do the same with the doggy style, cowgirl and more, if you want. 

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Enter her like a man

She’s now ready for the hardest push and thugs. But be a man and treat her like a lady. Enter her gently and slowly do the grind, rotating your buttocks which swivels your penis inside her orifice. Increase the speed for a while and gently slow down too, to keep the passion alive and not to allow yourself to prematurely ejaculate.


Use your imagination and continue the night with the hot sexy doll!