Ways to Rekindle the Magic In Your Honeymoon With A Hot Sexy Doll

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Ways to Rekindle the Magic In Your Honeymoon With A Hot Sexy Doll

Now there is a reason why we said REKINDLE the magic in your honeymoon. Let’s face it, most of us have major sexual encounters before we get married, so the spark per se is not there when the honeymoon is on, even if it is your soulmate. Well, there is an answer to that, and one way to make your wife go crazy about you is to show her how you want to do her, using a hot sexy doll in front of her.

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Ignite the flame of passion

You need to ignite the passion flame again, and this time maybe you should show how you want to have sex with your wife, by making out with the hot sexy doll. Get into the bathtub or the pool with the hot sexy doll, and have a water fight with her. Become a kid inront of your wife, and she would be waiting to indulge in the same with you.

Seduce with a massage

Massages have many benefits, and you can show your wife how she would get a massage when you rugged manly hands touch every contour of her body. Enact the same on the doll and show your wife what awaits her.

Have sex in weird places

Maybe you could have sex with the hot sexy doll in the kitchen or under the bed, while your wife looks for you or watches you doing do. This way she will know that you love being a little wild and kinky; who knows, she may just cook up a lovely dinner and give you the wild pleasure you desire, as she saw.

Try the kamasutra

The book of sex or the bible of sex you may call it, the kamasutra has various positions for the two of you to try out and enjoy. But if your wife is unwilling, maybe a threesome with the hot sexy doll can be the answer. Do what you want to the doll, and pleasure your wife at the same time with sexy moves that she would like. It is a win-win situation for both.

Oral and foreplay

If your wife is unwilling to enact oral sex and foreplay for you, show her how it is done on the hot sexy doll. Show her the moves and the grooves you have in store for her, and how she can achieve great satisfaction too.

Have an open mind

Give time to your wife to open up and be all randy about the sexual needs you have. But in the meanwhile, you can use the hot sexy doll and show your wife how pleasurable it would be to be one with her and the doll together.

introduce the doll to her

Your wife needs to be comfy enough to open up sexually to you. Ask her to enact sexual stances with the doll that would also tell you about your wife’s sexual desires and needs.
We hope these ways make you have a blissful honeymoon. Get a hot sexy doll on board and soon! 

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