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The Sex Doll Industry: How Far Has It Gone?

We are all witnesses to the fact that sex dolls have transformed from being restricted by social custom into an accepted subject worldwide and have actually made great appearances in many countries. In addition, although sex dolls have undergone dramatic changes before they arrive at where they are now, it seems that they will not stop there.

To prove this point, sex doll parlors are cropping out in many cities around the world.  These establishments are being supplied by manufacturers of different sizes and shapes of sex dolls. Clients will come to these parlors and choose the doll that they want to be with, say for an hour or so, at an agreed rate. Some parlors charge 100 Euros per hour, while others charge lower. If the client happens to like the doll that he spent time with and choose to take her home, he can make a purchase for a particular amount.

Sex dolls were initially made from inflatable materials that can easily see wear and tear and do not provide as much sexual pleasure.  Today, these dolls are being developed from TPE and silicone materials that make them almost human to the touch. They are also being encoded with artificial intelligence, so they can act like humans in some ways, adding pleasure in the bedroom.

The first sex doll parlor started its operation in Barcelona, Spain. Although at first, it seemed a practical joke too many, this parlor is now becoming a favorite spot by men who are looking for companionship and sex. This is a platform that offers men opportunities to explore and fulfill their wildest sexual fantasies, and places such as these are spreading at great speed in different cities in many countries.

While the operation of sex doll parlors depends on the legislation of the host countries, it is clearly seen that more and more countries are getting ready to embrace this idea. With a growing number of places that open sex doll pleasure halls, it can be said that the future is destined to be happy, successful, positive and exciting

Some countries where you can find sex doll parlors include France, Germany, the UK, Scotland, Belgium, Canada, and Spain as mentioned above.  As of this writing, more countries will be opening their doors to sex doll patrons.

Owners of these pleasure parlors work in close association with sex doll manufacturers/distributors, who provide a variety of love dolls, where clients can choose to spend time with. It is also possible for parlor owners to request custom made sex dolls, so they have different dolls to offer when it comes to bust size, hair and eyes color, height, weight, and other features.

Pleasure dolls are quite popular these days and hence sex doll parlors are here to stay.  Nowhere can you find a partner, who is always in the mood for lovemaking, which means you can have sex with her at any time you want to and this partner is utterly submissive.  You will be in control one hundred percent, every time you do things in the bedroom. 

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