The Many Uses of Sex Dolls

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The Many Uses of Sex Dolls

Sex dolls, as the name suggests, are those models of human figures that can be used not only for achieving sensual satisfaction, but also for many purposes. They have holes in the bodies such as a mouth, anus, and vagina. These dolls are available in many forms and their appearances are closely in common, with the shape and size of a life-like person.

Also referred to as love dolls, these models have been in use since the 17th century, when Spanish and French sailors, who felt very lonely during their long voyages at sea would sew clothes to make such dolls. They were called “dames de Voyage” then and were used to resolve their loneliness. Lifelike dolls came into being during the 20th century, though. They have since become more popular to the masses that showed their acceptance to these models through a movie (Lars and the Real Girl) and a song (Talk Soup by Yankovic).

In The Big Bang Theory, a TV show in the US, these American Sex dolls were also referred to. There was also once an attempt, to have these models published in the Playboy magazine, but because it was seen as too weird, the plan did not push through. The photographer, Helmut Newton kept some of these photographs in his autobiography. The evolution of these dolls from the 17th century sewn clothes dolls, to the perfect example of a feminine form is really phenomenal.

Sex is one of the major uses of these doll models. Most guys buy these silicone dolls for purposes of making love in the absence of someone to have sex with. The dolls of today can be pre-heated and the material used in its manufacture is closely similar to real skin and flesh, so having sex with them can’t be seen as artificial.  In fact, they can very well resemble real women.

Real dolls can also be used as love pillows, for cuddling and hugging purpose. In Japan, they are called Dakimakura.  Usually, they have imprinted a porn star’s life size picture or an anime character. These sex toys are fabricated from plush materials, so they can be useful to the comfort seekers, as they may also contain a love orifice.

In fulfilling someone’s fantasies, fuck dolls, as they are also sometimes called, can be created with custom-faced for many of Japan’s customers. The Japanese men are great fans of dolls and anime characters and manufacturers can provide you with dolls that look exactly like your girlfriend or your favorite movie star. In addition, there are some brothels in Japan, where you could go, if you want to be served with anime sex dolls.

For some fun moments, these dolls can be given as a gag gift, with the intention of getting some pleasure or for some comedic effect.  Usually, they are given at a birthday party or an occasion with a gift exchange, just for harmless, naughty fun. In some places, dolls can function as mannequins for displays at designer shops after they have been dressed up. However, they do not have any working orifices.

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