How to Dress Up Your Sex Doll to Make Her More Attractive

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How to Dress Up Your Sex Doll to Make Her More Attractive

When you buy a sex doll, it is understood that you want to have a companion and a sex partner. This is the reason why love dolls are made to appear attractive and beautiful and feel like a real woman. She will be created sexually alluring. However, not all dolls are created equal.  As in everything, prices dictate the quality of the product. So when you choose to have one of them at a cheap price, it will be more likely that after a few weeks, your doll will become less appealing and may fail in the realism factor.

Now, before you change your disappointment to experience or before you decide to return your purchased doll to the manufacturer and get a more highly-priced doll, why not make the most of your acquisition by working on it to make it more attractive?  In other words, why not have your doll customized? You can improve how your sex toy looks and feels which may lead to your enjoyment when you have sex with her. Here are some suggestions:

Dress.-Cheaper dolls, usually are made from seamed PVC and as you may already know, this is not the best material to make a doll body from.

       If your acquired partner does not look attractive to you anymore, you can shop for some sexy lingerie, fetish wear or a kinky costume and other pieces of clothing to transform her looks from dud to dynamite. Get the perfect fit, perhaps a size smaller will give her a special appearance.


Hair-Get your doll one or two wigs. You can choose from many different styles. The color and style of hair can brighten up and represent your ideal partner accurately. You can buy a short-cut wig and a long one with long, flowing locks.

Face-The face can be made to look more attractive with the use of makeup. Use some good quality cheek colors, eye makeup, and lipstick. If you are looking for a permanent improvement in her face, you can use acrylic paint. We can give you some makeup tips and guide you through the process; simply log in to our website and we will be happy to assist you.

Feet-This part of the doll is not like the body, face and sex organs that are very well taken care of during its creation. Therefore, there is a good chance that you do not like her feet. If this is the case, buy her a sexy pair of stockings and slip it on her to disguise her feet. Black, nylon stockings are always sexy, matched with high-heeled shoes.

Have a kit of accessories for your sex doll that matches what you dress her up with, as in cosplay. You can make her look like your favorite characters in a video game, a movie or a book. The more popular cosplay are those from the Japanese anime and manga genre. With these dresses and accessories on just one doll, you can seem to be “playing” with multiple sex dolls.

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