Easy And Non Time Consuming Tips On Caring For Your Sex Doll

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Easy And Non Time Consuming Tips On Caring For Your Sex Doll

If you own a sex doll, chances are that you would be using it pretty much often. This is okay, however, it is an investment that you have made. Every sex doll thus needs to be cared for like you would care for a pet. This means, you have got to keep it clean for hygiene reasons and also ensure that the doll is kept in a safe place, away from the elements and pollutants around. Keeping that in mind, we have conjured a mini guide on how you should care for your sex doll. Each point is self-explanatory and we hope you follow the same. This will help enhance the quality of the doll and expand its longevity too.

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1. When you have sex with the doll

While having sex with the doll, you should use a lube which is water based. It helps with better penetration – anal and vaginal, or oral too. And this helps preserve the skin texture and smoothness, sans the wear and tear from the pounds and thrusts it is administered with. Don’t weight the hands and the wrists too much when you use certain positions, since the wrists are delicate and may not be able to bear the weight.

2. When bathing the doll

A bath for the doll is a must once in a month, say experts. You can shower it and use a soap which is mild but should posses antimicrobial properties. This can be done solo or with you in the shower. Make the doll stand up and bathe her, never allowing her head and neck to go deep into the waters or submerging her. For the face and the neck, a moist soapy cloth should be used to wipe off the dirt and bacteria. The towel fabric should be soft, which helps with cleansing and drying the doll’s skin. You would have renewal powder with you in the kit, which must be used post showering to keep the dolls skin velvety and soft. In any case, using a hair dryer should not be done and is not advisable to dry the doll. This will make the skin rough and it can also degrade in quality too.

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3. Cleaning the orifices

When cleaning the orifices, you have got to be extra careful. Cleaning the parts of the anal rim and the vaginal orifice and the mouth as well, should be done. This ensures that these zones do not become a breeding ground for bacteria and fungus. Start by flushing the orifices with mild antimicrobial soapy water, using an irrigator meant for the doll’s orifices and ensure everything is flushed out. Rinse the canals with a vaginal irrigator, which ensures that every canal is deep cleansed and washed thoroughly. Now with a dry clean towel, wipe and dry the canals using your fingers. Be very gentle when doing so. The last step to cleaning the orifices and the canals would be to use renewal powder, which helps keep the soft, subtle and velvety touch alive.

4. For her skin and clothing

If you feel the quality of the dolls skin has become tacky and unappealing, it means you need to get it washed and cleaned. What you can do instead is to use renewal powder and dust the dolls skin and clothes with it. Use a brush after that to dust off the remnants and this would bring back the subtle softness of the skin again. Use a stain remover to remove clothes stains from the dolls skin. Dark colors on clothing can stain the skin of the doll and discolor the same. Never use the doll or keep it in the vicinity of any items that have inks, newspapers, dark colored material, leather material or even magazines that have colored prints on them. Each of these items mentioned have oil soluble pigments that can stain the dolls body and the clothes. Petroleum based lubes and silicone based lubes should not be used; water based lubes are best since they do not damage and wear out the skin or tear the skin of the doll. To prevent the skin of the doll from ageing, never expose the doll to the rays of the sun.

5. For skeletal care

Each sex doll has a metal skeleton within and joints- fixed and movable- this helps her with more flexibility and offers you innumerable poses too. Each of the joints are screw fixed and you would notice them getting loose in due course of time. They can be easily fixed at home by yourself. However, when moving the doll from one place to another at home, she could be a challenge to move since the metal skeleton makes it heavy for the moving to be done easy. Be careful as to not drop her, knock her on surfaces or graze and drag her on the floor. Never use sharp objects on her, don’t stretch her limbs too much, and try not to use extreme force on her, which can damage the skeletal and the skin system. This would bring down her quality and the lifespan. Even leaving her in bent positions for a very long time would make the body deformed and also leaving her standing for a long time could damage her stance too.

6. For her hair

Your doll would have wigs to use, which can be removed and washed or cleaned using a mild wig shampoo and conditioner. Don’t run the hair dryer through it to dry off, or it would damage the hair quality. Let it dry naturally and never comb the hair when it is wet.

7. Be responsible when using her

  • Try not to share the sex doll with others, or else there could be risks of infection and diseases would spread
  •  Use an antibacterial soap and shampoo only which helps combat bacterial growth and cleanses the doll better
  •  Always use a condom to avoid infection
  •  Always use a water based lube when having sex with your sex doll
  • Be gentle with her and treat her like a real lady!
  • We hope this mini guide comes in handy!


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