A Realistic Life Size Sex Doll 2018 Guide for New Buyers

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A Realistic Life Size Sex Doll 2018 Guide for New Buyers

So you must have decided to get yourself a sex doll? It is a great decision and indeed a great choice made! For the overall personal good well-being of an individual, this is no doubt the best investment. A sex doll can provide instant and high-quality companionship as well as sexual pleasure and satisfaction in any hour day or night. It is, however, challenging to know which type of live sex doll is the most appropriate for you. The industry of sex doll is not very huge. But, its growth is exponential. You will be overwhelmed with choices. With this guide, you are at your luck as it is going to guide you in the best way to get yourself sex doll in 2018. Let us get to work.

Types of Live sex doll for a complete understanding

With the help of this guide, you will have a fair understanding of the different kind of live sex dolls the market has. 

High-end luxury sex dolls-At this level you need to have a good amount of money in your pocket to procure luxurious and high end live sex dolls. These are made with the hand keeping every fine and tiny detail perfect. The extra care is given as the customer of this range wants a completely realistic feeling of a live woman. High-quality silicone is used by curing it with platinum which stops the silicone ooze out of the skin. One can expect long-lasting experience with these live dolls.

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Sex dolls, mid-ranged-In the mid-range the live sex dolls are similarly lifelike and real. At a glance, one can expect to get a very good value for the money spent. However, the finer detailed touch given to high range sex dolls might just be missing here. The experience is anyways going to be very realistic. The product if investigated very close upright you can even see some subtle imperfections. At this range, platinum cured silicone is not possible. Metal is predominantly used as the inside base skeleton material of these dolls. They might appear to be thin and light. However, all that being said it is not a bad choice at all. Especially if you are looking for companionship for say around 5 years this is a great choice. 

Beginners level live sex dolls- For absolute newbie getting a live sex doll of full size can give a bit of jitter. They often want to try out a simple sex doll of an entry-level range before investing into a bigger one. So these beginner levels are very light on the pocket. They are somewhere around 3 feet high and comes in many mini sizes as well. Proportions are not very even here. All these are made to give the potential doll owner a good value for the product. A lightweight gives ample freedom of mobility and easy to be managed.

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The aim of the above guide was to help new beginners get a comprehensive guidance right at one place to read and make the plunge in the fantasy-filled lifestyle with  live sex dolls.

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