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Why our sex dolls are cheaper than competitors?

Since we sell over 200 sex dolls a month, we purchase JY dolls from the manufacturer in bulk. It allows us to offer our customers wholesale prices, and that’s the main reason our sex dolls are cheaper than the ones sold on other websites. We simply pass our cost savings on to our customers: JY Doll factory gives us a better price and our clients get the best price for any realistic sex doll that they choose from our catalog.

The other reason for our great prices is the fact that our buyers skip one or sometimes, even two middlemen that mark up the price before the love doll reaches them. Realistic sex dolls are great but it’s even better if you can get them quickly. Our silicone sex dolls are in stock, boxed up and ready to go within 3-8 business days after the payment is received. Most sellers purchase sex dolls from the manufacturer when an actual customer makes an order from them. It means that they are buying JY dolls with your money. And since they make an order of a single JY doll or a couple of love dolls, the price that they pay is much higher than ours.

There is a reason we sell over 200 sex dolls a month: our customers love our prices. What’s more - for hygienic reasons, all our silicone sex dolls have removable vaginas so that it is easy to take one out and clean it. Wait, there is more! We provide a free spare vagina for every sex doll purchased at our online store. Welcome to the fantasy of your choice!

Our sex dolls are now frequently used in Hollywood and cinematography in general. JY dolls look so real that movie directors often prefer to use silicone sex dolls for intimate scenes. Love dolls don’t need contracts, payments or days off. Any JY doll is ready whenever you need it.

Our company offers a big choice of dolls: blondes or brunettes, small or big, with various clothing and accessories. Whatever your taste is, there is a realistic sex doll for everyone!

Interested to see JY dolls in action? Check out shows like Hulu’s Future Man, Stitchers on ABC, or MTV show Jersey Shore (Sammi Doll).


We offer discreet shipping on all orders of our JY dolls. We do not contact our customers by email except to provide you with a FedEx tracking number of your order. Even your billing statement will show your purchase as “Smartfire Injectors Company” (which is our sister company), there is not a single mention of JY doll anywhere. And, of course, we do not sell any information to anyone. All major credit cards and PayPal are accepted.

All our sex dolls arrive to you with no custom/duty fees. Due to high demand for the product, we ship out the love dolls within 3-8 business days. Once the order is processed and shipped, you can expect your purchase to be delivered in 3-8 business days. All our silicone sex dolls are shipped via FedEx or UPS to ensure the fastest delivery to you. If you don’t want the JY doll delivered to your house or you can’t be at home to sign for the package, you can call FedEx or UPS to do a hold at their location. We will email you the tracking number and name of the shipping company after your order is processed. The shipment is secret, we declare it as a toy at customs, and no one will ever know that inside is actually a realistic sex doll!


Due to the nature of the product, all JY dolls come AS IS without warranty of any kind. This is the industry standard for sex dolls. However, if during the first week after delivery of a JY doll you notice that something is damaged or missing, please contact us immediately. Inspect the doll as soon as you receive it to verify that all parts are included and in a new condition. We sell over 200 silicone sex dolls every month and there are almost never any issues but if there are problems with your purchase, contact us so that we can assist you. In the event you must return the doll for replacement, the buyer is responsible for sending the doll back to us. We will then send you a new JY doll.

If you make an order and wish to cancel the purchase after you receive the doll, there will be a $100 restocking fee. The doll can’t be used, otherwise, there will be no refund.

Our realistic sex dolls are waiting for you in our warehouse and prefer to stay at your place!